26 Jan

Year 6 Bar Modelling in Maths

In Maths, Year 6 were representing a range of mathematical problems using cuisenaire rods to create a bar model. The bar models helped children identify which information they knew and which information needed to be found in order to solve the problem. Bar modelling is a fantastic tool that allows…

14 Nov

Year 6 Experts!

Our Year 6s are Water Cycle experts! After revising each stage of the cycle, we asked them to grab and prop and share all their expertise with their partner and the class. They recalled the vocabulary and definitions clearly and their accents were very impressive.

14 Nov

Year 6's Autumn Learning

The first half of the Autumn term was full of fun learning experiences for our Year 6!

Leaf Hunt

In Science, the children learnt about how living things are classified. To understand the concept we started with classifying some tasty sweets. They then applied their observation, questioning…

22 Jul

End of Year Fun

To celebrate all of their achievements during their time at Crowland Primary School, Year 6s have had a fun-packed final two weeks filled with a variety of activities!

To kick off their final weeks, the children had fencing and archery lessons taught by brilliant Premier Education coaches. It…

23 Jun

Blitz Skyline Art

While learning about the key events of World War Two, Penguin and Parrot class created Blitz artwork. They started by blending red, orange and black to create a vivid, fiery background. After looking at various London landmarks, the children added their silhouettes using black paint and marker…

22 Jun

Francis Diary Entries


In the Spring term, the Year 6s learnt how to write from a character’s perspective by producing a diary entry as Frances Brandywine.

Francis is a mystery story by Dave Eggers which has been turned into a gripping animation that left the classes with so many questions. To put themselves…