30 Sep

Hummingbird Yr3 Boxing

Today Hummingbird Class were learning to box. Thanks to Coach Cameron and Coach Wayne.


11 Jul

Year 5 Mayan Workshop day!

Last week, for our history topic, year 5 took part in a Mayan workshop. They used sticks of various length to create a Mayan temple. Teamwork was key, to completing this task!

11 Jul

Year 5 go to the London Eye + Thames cruise!

In the spring term, while studying 'the UK' in geography, we took a trip to see some of our most beautiful landmarks, in this glorious city we are proud to  call home! The children were able to appreciate the landscape as we had such beautiful weather!


24 Mar

Moon rockets

One significant explorer we learnt about in history is Neil Armstrong. We decided to link this with Design & Technology by designing and building a junk model rocket to the moon.

24 Mar

Nature walk!

In science we are learning about living things and habitats. We took a trip to Markfield Park to explore our local habitat and spot local living things. 



22 Mar

What a great TWOsDAY!!

We had a fabulous day on TWOsDAY (22.2.22) with lots of fun Maths activities. We solved 2D shape sudoko puzzles and drew pictures by drawing around 2D shapes!

13 Mar

Math - length and height

This week’s Math topic is length and height! We estimated the length of objects around the classroom and our school using metres and centimetres. After that, we measured them accurately using tape measures and recorded our data in a table. 


11 Mar

Year 3 Science Rock Hunt

In science, we went to Markfield Park and the River Lea hunting for rocks. We will use them in an investigation back in class.


11 Mar

Year 3 Science Rocks

We are learning about rocks in Science. We used magnifying glasses to closely observe their appearance and texture.



7 Mar

Reception - Chalk Drawing Daffodils in Markfield Park

On Friday morning, we took the opportunity of a slight break in the rainy spring weather to get out to Markfield Park for this week’s Outdoor Learning session.  Before we left the classrooms, we talked about the fact that the season has now changed from Winter to Spring. We focused in on the kinds…

24 Feb

Year 5 - How to bake cookies

In the last 2 weeks of Spring term 1, Year 5 had been focusing on instructional texts. As part of their learning, they had to follow a simple recipe using the skills they had been developing over the week. With the ingredients provided, the children worked in groups to read and follow the recipe…

24 Feb

Spectacular Space!

In year 5 we have some amazing science topics, but one of our most favourite topics has been 'Earth, Moon & Space.' The children were given the opportunity to flex their creative bones and encouraged to think outside of the box when it came to their projects for this topic. They made miniature…