Year 4 Science- static electricity

Image of Year 4 Science- static electricity

Today, we explored static electricity. We spoke about how the charge builds up and up and then will be discharged.


 We had to see if we could build up enough charge to attract our partner’s hair. Then, we needed to try to make stick to a wall. After, we had to explain what was happening,…

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Year 4 Poppy Collage

Image of Year 4 Poppy Collage

Today, we remembered all those who have sacrificed their lives in war. We spoke about the history of Remembrance Day and why it is held. We then looked at some newspapers from after the First World War had ended. Then, we created a poppy collage. 

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All about addition

Image of All about addition

Today in class we started by looking at different solutions to an equation and spotting which answer was correct and working out why the other answers were incorrect. This really helped to clear up some misconceptions children had. After, we split into pairs, working through some problems. First,…

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Year 4's brochures ALL about Tottenham!

Image of Year 4's brochures ALL about Tottenham!

To kick start the final half term of this academic year, Year 4 decided to write a piece of persuasive text all about 'Tottenham', in the form of a brochure. In order to 'sell' Tottenham to potential tourists, we had to do some field research! Over the first few weeks of term, we went out on…

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