7 Mar

Reception - Chalk Drawing Daffodils in Markfield Park

On Friday morning, we took the opportunity of a slight break in the rainy spring weather to get out to Markfield Park for this week’s Outdoor Learning session.  Before we left the classrooms, we talked about the fact that the season has now changed from Winter to Spring. We focused in on the kinds…

15 Jul

Reception's Sushi Bar



The final stop on our "Around the World in Seven Weeks" topic is Japan. We have been learning all about Japanese culture, and Japan's capital city: Tokyo, where the 2021 Olympics will be held in a few weeks time. Our story of the week has been "Ame Goes to Japan" by Mami…

13 Jul

Reception creates a swimming pool

This week Reception have been learning about Jamaica as part of our Around the World topic. We read the story Jabari Jumps where Jabari faces his fear of the diving board at the swimming pool. The children in Reception took inspiration from this and decided to build their own swimming pool and…