24 Mar

Moon rockets

One significant explorer we learnt about in history is Neil Armstrong. We decided to link this with Design & Technology by designing and building a junk model rocket to the moon.

24 Mar

Nature walk!

In science we are learning about living things and habitats. We took a trip to Markfield Park to explore our local habitat and spot local living things. 



22 Mar

What a great TWOsDAY!!

We had a fabulous day on TWOsDAY (22.2.22) with lots of fun Maths activities. We solved 2D shape sudoko puzzles and drew pictures by drawing around 2D shapes!

13 Mar

Math - length and height

This week’s Math topic is length and height! We estimated the length of objects around the classroom and our school using metres and centimetres. After that, we measured them accurately using tape measures and recorded our data in a table. 


11 Feb

Science Materials

In Science, we tested lots of different objects made from different materials to find out if they can be squeezed, pulled, bent, or twisted. We then recorded our findings in a table


25 Jan

Year 2 nsima tasting

As part of our D&T week, we learnt how to cook a staple dish from Malawi. It is called nsima. From Malawi, Mrs Gilkes' Aunty made a video on how to  cook it. We learnt the names for the utensils used. Mrs Gilkes made some for us to try and using our 5 senses, we then described and tasted…

8 Jul

The Braille Alphabet Year 2

In Year 2 we explored the ways in which communication has changed throughout history. We have learned about the existence of hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt, the introduction of the printing press in England and the invention of the telephone and the World Wide Web. During our learning journey we…

8 Jul

Can we keep an orangutan as a class pet? By Year 2

In Year 2 we have learnt all about orangutans. We wrote a letter to Ms Stav to let her know our answer to the Big Question: Can you keep an orangutan as a class pet?