Through growing research and evidence surrounding the links between physical activity and improvements in achievement, the government are pushing Physical Education (PE) to be raised to the same status as the core subjects. Boosting children’s executive functioning (skills to help them organise information) through PE can intern transfer to academic tasks. Physical activity and competitive sport have many benefits including:

  • Improving children’s physical fitness and gross/fine motor development.
  • Teaches self-discipline
  • Facilitates the children’s responsibility for their own health and fitness.
  • Influencing children’s moral development, leadership and cooperation with others.
  • Alleviate stress
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Teaches self-discipline and levels of respect to one’s body, classmates and teammates.

Our Aim

At Crowland, PE is an area of strength and we recognise and understand the importance of a robust curriculum. Our aim is to provide high quality, engaging Physical Education lessons and extra-curricular activities for all pupils, to improve children’s physical literacy and enable them to continue lifelong enjoyment and participation in sport.

PE & Extra-curricular activities at Crowland

All children take part in PE lessons each week, with the focus being Games, Gymnastics and Dance. In Dance the focus is on the children developing the skills needed to be able to create and combine a series of movements that, when performed together, create a dance sequence. The focus in our Gymnastics lessons is more about the children developing their balance and co -ordination skills using a variety of equipment, music and floor work. Games is an area where the children can focus on their agility and inter personal skills, all of which are an important part of team games.

During break times in both KS1 and KS2 playgrounds, we provide competitive games for the children to play which helps them to achieve both personal and team goals. During this time children are encouraged to learn and develop basic skills of catching, throwing, skipping, climbing and hopping by using a variety of equipment supported by our enthusiastic lunchtime staff.
There are a number of competitions and tournaments which the schools takes part in on a regular basis including tag rugby, Hi 5 netball, quick cricket, football, tennis, table tennis, athletics and hockey. Our after-school clubs also provide a range of physical activities such as gymnastics, dodge-ball, football, dance, table-tennis and Olympics.

Our Sports Day is held once a year and has become a great event! The whole school have houses and children compete tirelessly to achieve as many points for their house as possible. Don’t miss the parent’s race at the end of the day, as well as the music and awards ceremony!

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