What are our aims?

At Crowland, we aim to ensure all our students acquire strong knowledge and a good understanding of all principal religions, religious traditions and key world philosophies.

Crowland students will:

  • Recognise and respect the similarities and differences between different religions
  • Appreciate the ‘daily life’ impact of religion on individuals, families, communities and cultures
  • Be challenged to consider ‘big ideas’ such as issues of right and wrong, fairness and what it means to be human.
  • Feel supported in their spiritual and moral development as they become adult members of society.
  • Be encouraged to contribute to a positive ethos in our school and in their communities.
  • Demonstrate respect to all and understand Individual Liberty as a core British Value
  • View R.E. lessons, along with P4C and PSHE, as providing opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development


Active Learning:

  • A visit to a different place of worship each year, so that by Year 6 all main religions have been experienced
  • Have hands on experience with religious artefacts, using them to explore and interpret that religion’s teaching
  • Visits from religious leaders to explain the significance of key events and festivals

Excellent Communication:

  • Through P4C, children are given the opportunity to consider, discuss, listen to, and debate key issues of spiritual and moral significance
  • Children are encouraged to develop the ability to ask deep and probing questions about religious and ethical issues
  • Be able to explain their learning, synthesising key information and making connections to other areas of their lives

Taking Care of Self and Others:

  • Children’s mental health is supported and by providing paths to understanding, tools for building self-esteem and strategies for developing resilience and self-forgiveness
  • Mutual respect of each other’s beliefs, actions and responsibilities

Global Awareness and Responsibility:

  • Children gain a key understanding of the role of religion in today’s society with links made to History, Geography, Literature and Art


  • Evidence in Topic books of regular teaching of R.E. in line with the Crowland curriculum
  • Clear progression across year groups and deepening of knowledge and understanding around the same topic
  • Children able to articulate and explain their learning, demonstrating retained knowledge and the ability to apply this knowledge in wider scenarios