At Crowland, our core values of CARE are the foundation upon which we build a nurturing and dynamic learning environment. These values not only shape our students' character but also guide their journey towards success and personal growth.


At Crowland, we believe that working together is the key to success. Through collaboration and teamwork, our students learn the importance of unity, empathy, and shared goals. We foster an atmosphere where every voice is heard, and every contribution matters.


We set high standards for academic excellence and encourage our students to strive for their personal best. With dedicated teachers and a supportive community, we provide the tools and inspiration for students to reach their full potential. By celebrating every milestone, big or small, we empower our students to build self-esteem and self-belief, recognising that each step is a vital part of their journey to success.


Respect is at the heart of our school culture. We teach our students to honor diversity, treat others with kindness, and value the unique perspectives and experiences of everyone in our community. By promoting respect, we create a safe and inclusive space for all to learn and grow.


We believe that learning should be a joyful and engaging experience. At Crowland, we inspire enthusiasm for education by creating a stimulating and fun environment. Our passionate educators ignite curiosity and encourage students to explore their interests with zeal.

These CARE values are not just words on a page; they are the principles that shape the character and future of our students. At Crowland, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who not only achieve academic excellence but also embody the values of Cooperation, Achievement, Respect, and Enthusiasm in everything they do. Together, we create a community that cares, learns, and thrives.