The final stop on our "Around the World in Seven Weeks" topic is Japan. We have been learning all about Japanese culture, and Japan's capital city: Tokyo, where the 2021 Olympics will be held in a few weeks time. Our story of the week has been "Ame Goes to Japan" by Mami Bacera and this inspired us to make our own ice cube tray sushi bites this afternoon.



We got to chose toppings for our sticky rice placed them in the bottom of an ice cube tray. Next we added the rice into the mould and moulded it into shape. Then we had a "invert" the ice cube tray (that means, to turn something the other way around) so that the topping was on the top and the rice was on the bottom. Finally, we added a few drops of light soy sauce over the top to add even more delicious Japanese flavour.


What do you think of our sushi bites? Would you try making these easy treats at home?


Meshiagare! (That means "happy eating").