Francis Diary Entries


In the Spring term, the Year 6s learnt how to write from a character’s perspective by producing a diary entry as Frances Brandywine.

Francis is a mystery story by Dave Eggers which has been turned into a gripping animation that left the classes with so many questions. To put themselves…

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Baking Victoria Sponge Cake Year 5

Year 5 investigated irreversible chemical reactions through this fun baking activity. In groups, they baked a Victoria Sponge! They creamed the butter and sugar by hand until light and fluffy and combined the rest of the ingredients with a wooden spoon and a rubber spatula- no electrical whisks…

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Changing Materials - Investigating Gases Year 5

As part of their science topic, Year 5 investigated chemical reactions and how to create gases. They mixed together yeast, warm water and sugar which released a carbon dioxide. As the gas filled up the bottle the balloon became inflated.


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Changing Materials and Their Properties Year 5 Making Playdough

As part of their topic Changing Materials and Their Properties, Year 5 created playdough investigating irreversible chemical changes. In order to create the playdough they used flour, water, coloured paint and vegetable oil.

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Year 5 Chris Ofili Art Project

Year 5 created a self portrait in the style of Chris Ofili - whose paintings question racial stereotypes and is anti racist. Here they used used pencils to draw their face, hair and clothes. Then they used oil pastels for the vivid colours. Excellent work Year 5!


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