Year 3 Maths Chocolate Pictograms

In maths we created Pictograms representing information. We represented how many different chocolates each group had. We also got to eat them afterwards!


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Year 3 Hummingbird Class Winter nature walk

Hummingbird Class went on our Winter nature walk, to see what animals and plants we could see at this time of year. We found birds from all around the world.


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Science Materials

In Science, we tested lots of different objects made from different materials to find out if they can be squeezed, pulled, bent, or twisted. We then recorded our findings in a table


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Apple Crumble

Jackdaw class had lots of fun baking last week.


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Year 1 Treasure Hunt!

In Geography this term, our children in Year 1 our working on their map skills. 

We kicked off this term's lessons with an exciting treasure hunt!

In our first lesson, the children were read 'Pirates Love Underpants' by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. Then, their teachers surprised…

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Year 6 Bar Modelling in Maths

In Maths, Year 6 were representing a range of mathematical problems using cuisenaire rods to create a bar model. The bar models helped children identify which information they knew and which information needed to be found in order to solve the problem. Bar modelling is a fantastic tool that allows…

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Year 3 Magnets Science

In science we experimented with ring magnets, with amazing results!

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Year 4 Science- static electricity

Today, we explored static electricity. We spoke about how the charge builds up and up and then will be discharged.


 We had to see if we could build up enough charge to attract our partner’s hair. Then, we needed to try to make stick to a wall. After, we had to explain what was happening,…

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Year 2 nsima tasting

As part of our D&T week, we learnt how to cook a staple dish from Malawi. It is called nsima. From Malawi, Mrs Gilkes' Aunty made a video on how to  cook it. We learnt the names for the utensils used. Mrs Gilkes made some for us to try and using our 5 senses, we then described and tasted…

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Fruit Kebabs

We have been learning about climate zones. We were looking at the climate in Asia. We made some fruit kebabs using fruits grown in Asia such as Lychee and Melon.

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Year 6 Experts!

Our Year 6s are Water Cycle experts! After revising each stage of the cycle, we asked them to grab and prop and share all their expertise with their partner and the class. They recalled the vocabulary and definitions clearly and their accents were very impressive.

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Year 6's Autumn Learning

The first half of the Autumn term was full of fun learning experiences for our Year 6!

Leaf Hunt

In Science, the children learnt about how living things are classified. To understand the concept we started with classifying some tasty sweets. They then applied their observation, questioning…

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