Dear Parents and Carers,

As we come to the end of this school year, I want to extend my thanks to every one of you who has made this year manageable through the challenges and the unpredictable turn of events that have been bestowed upon us.

As a Headteacher I feel very proud of the level of commitment demonstrated by our staff team, our parents and carers and above all our fantastic children who have had to work their way through an unsettling year full of changes and inconsistencies.

Our staff team and senior leaders have been relentless in their determination to keep the learning going no matter what. Their commitment to our pupils, their empathy, professionalism and work ethic has been incredible against very challenging circumstances.

Our office staff have been amazing at going over and above their normal call of duty and quickly managing the infection crisis and prompt parent communication, often having to work through their weekends and nights. Our site team have also been amazing at responding to constant calls to disinfect rooms and areas in order to minimise any risk for our children and staff as well as our school nurse.

I also want to say to our parents and carers a huge ‘thank you’ for your tolerance during those difficult times when we may not have got everything perfectly right but you continued to support us through an understanding and patient manner. Your support for the children has always been very much valued and has gone a long way to meeting those aspirational standards that we always set as a school. Your contributions have been incredible.

It has been a difficult year and we have not liked making those phone calls regarding isolation and new infections, but we are now looking forward to a new year which will hopefully bring new beginnings under less demanding circumstances.
I wish you all a very enjoyable break with your families and hope that you will have some well-earned rest!

Kind Regards,

Mrs Stav Stavrinou