30 Sep

Hummingbird Yr3 Boxing

Today Hummingbird Class were learning to box. Thanks to Coach Cameron and Coach Wayne.


11 Mar

Year 3 Science Rock Hunt

In science, we went to Markfield Park and the River Lea hunting for rocks. We will use them in an investigation back in class.


11 Mar

Year 3 Science Rocks

We are learning about rocks in Science. We used magnifying glasses to closely observe their appearance and texture.



23 Feb

Year 3 Maths Chocolate Pictograms

In maths we created Pictograms representing information. We represented how many different chocolates each group had. We also got to eat them afterwards!


22 Feb

Year 3 Hummingbird Class Winter nature walk

Hummingbird Class went on our Winter nature walk, to see what animals and plants we could see at this time of year. We found birds from all around the world.


7 Feb

Apple Crumble

Jackdaw class had lots of fun baking last week.


26 Jan

Year 3 Magnets Science

In science we experimented with ring magnets, with amazing results!

21 Oct

Year 3 Design and Technology

In Year 3, the children have been working on a project to create pneumatic (air-powered) toys.




9 Sep

Year 3 PE in the park

On Wednesday, we decided to make the most of the good weather and get active in Markfield Park. We had a great time!