Important: The deadline for September 2020 admissions was 15th January 2020. If you are seeking a school place please contact Haringey Council Admissions department for assistance.  0208 489 0000

Nursery admissions

Crowland presently offers 52 free part-time nursery places to children living or being cared for in the local community. These can be topped up to a full time place by paying £75 per week. Applications to be made in school by 15th January 2020.

Please note that the attendance at the nursery does not guarantee a place in the school.

Reception and Casual admissions

A separate application form must be filled in for admission to reception classes or higher up in the school. Places are filled according to Haringey’s Admission Policy.

The admissions for Crowland are done through Haringey Council. Forms are also available in the school office. Full details of the admissions criteria and access to the admission form are available on the Haringey Council Website.

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The school office is open from 8:00am and closes at 4.00pm

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