Year 5

Osprey and Owl

Ms Adedda and Mrs Bignall work in Osprey class.
Mr Campbell and Ms Jauffur work in Owl class.

PGL Windmill Hill

 Year 5 spent a phenomenal five days at PGL Windmill Hill. The children were able to experience an  incredible range  of activities including: archery, zip wire, fencing, problem solving, abseiling, orienteering, a camp fire and raft building. They had to use a range of skills including communication, co-operation and resilience, as well as having to overcome their individual fears! Well done to all the children for their fantastic behaviour and a big thank you also to all the adults that accompanied the children on this eventful trip.

Inspire Maths

The Piano

During our English sessions, we have responded to the animation “The Piano” by Aidan Gibbons.  The children excelled when exploring the characters’ feelings when taking part in a role play.
We also had the opportunity to visit our friends at the Unicorn Theatre to watch a production of “The Iron Man”.  As well as enjoying an amazing performance, we saw the sights around London Bridge. We had a workshop from Amari and Kwami to gain an insight into the characters of “The Iron Man”.

Making New Materials

As part of our IPC topic – Making New Materials, the children have enjoyed a range of scientific and “hands on” activities. We investigated rocks around the school and classified them as igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic (photos). A fun (but smelly!) experiment involved finding out the impact of different liquids on eggs!
To explore irreversible changes, Owl and Osprey made play dough. It was messy, squishy, fun and they learnt the difference between reversible and irreversible changes.

Ancient Greece

The next topic for Year 5 is ‘The Great, the Bold and the Brave’. In this topic the children will be learning all about the Ancient Greek civilization. This includes exploring the difference between Athens and Sparta, democracy, daily life, Greek gods, Greek myths and comparing their childhood to the childhood they would have had in Ancient Greece.

To begin the topic, Year 5 were inspired by Ancient Greek pottery and designed their very own Ancient Greek pots with clay.


To begin the year, Osprey and Owl class learnt all about forces in their topic ‘Fairgrounds’. They explored forces such as, gravity, air resistance, magnetism and electricity, as well as learning how light and sound travel. For their entry point they all got to design their very own model of a fairground ride. Using cardboard, strings, tape and paint they were able to make fantastic models. They showed even more creativity by completing their extended homework project, which involved activities such as creating a map, scale model and poster of their own fairground or writing a narrative set in a mystery fairground.