Year 3

Hummingbird and Jackdaw

Ms Edwards and Ms Mills work in Hummingbird class.
Ms Edib and  Ms Lavelle work in Jackdaw class.

Kew Gardens

Year 3 visited Kew Gardens as part of their IPC topic, Plants.  While there a botanist gave them a tour of the rain forest environment in a greenhouse.  They found plants that could provide food, water, shelter and medicine.  Year 3 even saw trees with real cacao pods, pineapples and bananas.

Happy Chinese New Year!

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the year of the rooster, the children in year 3 made their very own Chinese wishes in their Mandarin lessons.

Feel the Force!

Year 3 IPC Unit was.. Feel the Force! Which involved:
  • What forces are and where they come from
  • What friction is and how we use friction
  • How we can reduce or increase friction
  • How to measure the strength of a force
  • How magnets and magnetic forces work
For our entry Point, children had a tug of war (hummingbird vs jackdaw and then boys vs girls) Lots of fun! They also made their own mini buckets using plastic cups and string. They had to explore how to prevent the object from falling from the cup e.g. they put a coin in the cup and spun it rapidly without it falling and they guessed why they think it didn’t fall out. They also repeated this activity with water in the cup.

Scavengers and Settlers

In Year 3, their new IPC  topic is ‘Scavengers and Settlers’, where the children will be learning about how the people from the Stone Age lived and survived hundred of years ago. To begin the topic the children went to Markfield Park to gather sticks and stones. Back in the classroom, they made their very own bows and spears.


For their first topic, ‘Fashion’, Hummingbird and Jackdaw class learnt about the fashion, trends and jewellery of the past. They had the opportunity to design their very own clothing and carry out scientific investigations. All the children enjoyed designing their own t-shirt with block printing and  using torches to investigate reflective materials.


The children learnt about a painting technique called pointillism, when small, distinct dots of colour are applied in a pattern to form an image. The children understood the technique very well and produced these beautiful pieces of art.