Year 2

Flamingo and Goldfinch

Mr Winnard and Ms Reynolds work in Flamingo class.
Ms Gilkes and Ms Tzekiri work in Goldfinch class.

Amazing Art!

In year 2, we have just having art lesson with our specialist art teacher, Ms Biswas, on Mondays. So far we have drawn African Villages linked to our English book ‘Lila and the Secret of the Rain’ and portraits of influential people and how they have made a difference in the word, linked to our IPC topic. They drew Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Einstein.

Mini Skeletons!

In Year Two the new topic is ‘Super Human’! They will be learning all about the human body: bones, muscles, sense, nerves and how they all connect together. To start the topic, the children got to make their very own skeletons. They showed how much they already knew about the body by labelling their mini skeletons.


Trip to Wolves Lane

During their topic ‘The Earth – Our Home’, Year two learnt many interesting facts about animals, and their habitats, and different plants and forests around the world. As part of the topic Flamingo and Goldfinch classes went on a trip to Wolves Lane Horticultural and Garden Centre, where the got to see a variety of small animals, insects and plants.