PE in Crowland Primary School is an area of strength and a subject that we strongly promote. It has been well documented that children who take part in regular PE perform better in all other areas of their academic learning.

All children take part in PE lessons each week with the focus being on Games, Gym and Dance with the addition of swimming. Crowland are currently using the Val Sabin scheme of work, which is divided into four different strands (dance, gymnastics, games and athletics).

In Dance the focus is on the children developing the skills needed to be able to create and combine a series of movements that when performed together create a dance sequence.

The focus in our Gym lessons is more about the children developing their balance and co -ordination skills using a variety of equipment, music and floor work. Games is an area where the children can focus on their agility and inter personal skills all of which are an important part of team games.

During break times in both KS1 and KS2 playgrounds we provide competitive games for the children to play, helping them achieve both personal and team goals. During this time children are encouraged to learn and develop basic skills of catching, throwing, skipping, climbing and hopping by using a variety of equipment.

Having a swimming pool on site means that all children from Reception up to Year 6 get the chance to swim and improve their skills throughout their school experience. This is compulsory and the children will only be excused on receipt of a doctor’s certificate or letter. Swimming forms part of our Physical Education curriculum. Children swim with their classes and are instructed by our qualified swimming teacher. There is an additional adult on poolside to ensure health and safety at all times. To accommodate for the child to adult ratio in EYFS there are addition adults on the poolside, and inside the swimming pool. Our aim at Crowland is for every child to leave school as able and confident swimmers.

There are a number of competitions and tournaments which the school takes part in on a regular basis, such as, tag rugby, Hi 5 netball, quick cricket, football, tennis and hockey.

Sports Day - July

Sports Day is held once a year during the summer term. It is an opportunity for all children to display their sporting ability.

Sports day is held on site, on Gladesmore astro-turf or in Markfield Park and parental support is always welcomed.

Children must wear their PE kits and if it is a hot day, adequate protection must be provided e.g. sunscreen, hat, and long sleeved shirt.