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The Science Show!

Today, the children were shown the wonders and marvels of science from a real scientist. They learnt about acid and alkaline, how liquid nitrogen can freeze beakers and shrink balloons and how fire...
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Young Voices 2018

Crowland performers had the opportunity to perform in Young Voices again, the world’s largest school choir concert! Along with 5,000 – 8,000 other children, some of our impressive singers...
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Secondary School Applications

This is a reminder for parents and carers with children in Year 6. As with last year, applications must be received before the deadline of 31 October 2017. Any received after this date will be...
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Everybody Dreams LDN

In June, children from Crowland Primary school took part in an inspiring project, Everybody Dreams LDN, with Gladesmore. This week, during assembly, we all got to watch the final product of all the...
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Congratulations to Prefects and Peer Mediators

As always, at the start of the year we begin looking for responsible role models within the school to be peer mediators, prefects and school government members. We now have a fantastic group of peer...
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Buddy Reading with Gladesmore

The children in Year 3 have a fantastic opportunity to buddy read with Gladesmore students. Every Wednesdays they get to go to Gladesmore’s library to read with Year 9 pupils. They get a chance...
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